A Gathering of Lace

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April 2005



Collected from knitting designers all over the world, the patterns in this guide will be a joy to create for any knitter. The lavish full-color illustrations and easy-to-follow instruction charts will make these traditional patterns an exciting addition to a lace knitter's repertoire. From beginner to advanced, the 34 projects contained include designs for sweaters, vests, shawls, scarves, gloves, and socks. With beautiful photographs of these unique patterns, this knitting book is perfect for those who love to knit lace and those who would love to learn.


Meg Swansen learned to knit at her mother's knee - a knee that happened to belong to British-born designer Elizabeth Zimmermann, a leading figure in handknitting since the mid-1950s. Now, as the owner of Schoolhouse Press, Meg wears many (knitted) hats: she publishes knitting books, runs a mail order business, writes the semi-annual Wool Gathering, has produced nearly 20 instructional videos, and presided over Knitting Camp. Meg lives in an old school house in Wisconsin.


"'A beautiful book that samples the best of both traditional and contemporary lace knitting; it is a collection of patterns from a number of sources and includes biographies of the designers and a snippet of prose for each pattern. It is good to see lace patterns in a variety of yarns, both chunky and fine. All designs are charted with some suitable for beginners and others very much for the experienced lace knitter. This would make a delightful present for someone special or for yourself.' SlipKnot, Knitting & Crochet Guild, Sept '04"
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