A Culture of Rights: The Bill of Rights in Philosophy, Politics and Law 1791 and 1991

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New insights into the rights thinking and consciousness at the core of American political culture.


Acknowledgments; Introduction: history, historicism, and the culture of rights; 1. From natural law to the rights of man: a European perspective on American debates; 2. The Bill of Rights and the American revolutionary experience; 3. Parchment barriers and the politics of rights; 4. Rights and wrongs: Jefferson, slavery and philosophical quandaries; 5. Practical philosophy and the Bill of Rights: perspectives on some contemporary issues; 6. The development of modern American legal theory and the judicial interpretation of the Bill of Rights; 7. The British, the Americans, and rights Appendix: the constitution and the Bill of Rights; About the authors; Index.


'For anyone seriously interested in understanding the American political founding and the evolution of our constitutional republic, A Culture of Rights is required reading. The impressive essays in this collection ... explore the cultural, moral, philosophical, legal and political moorings of rights as they were established and have developed throughout American history ... This collection is a valuable and important contribution to the literature and belongs in all academic libraries.' Library Journal
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