A Contemporary Handbook for Weddings & Funerals and Other Occasions

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Juni 2003



A compilation of tested ideas and resources by pastors, this handbook provides just the tool pastors need. Written by experienced, familiar authors, this book deals with difficult situations, like the death of a child and second marriages.


"Only one thought came to mind in reading this book: How could I do ministry without it? The scope of the volume is enormous, but the content, style, and material is invaluable for anyone in Pastoral Ministry. The wedding materials include everything from wedding service types to Father of the Bride thank you card styles. The funeral materials include materials for every difficult service, such as suicides or children, to an appendix of the best little stories and anecdotes available in one place. This book is a must for the pastor's resource library. It will be a resource you return to again and again."--Jan Armstrong"Creator Magazine" (04/01/2005)
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