A Companion to Social Archaeology

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"The Companion to Social Archaeology" is the first scholarly work to explore the encounter of social theory and archaeology over the past two decades.
Grouped into four sections - Knowledges, Identities, Places, and Politics - each of which is prefaced with a review essay that contextualizes the history and developments in social archaeology and related fields.
Draws together newer trends that are challenging established ways of understanding the past.
Includes contributions by leading scholars who instigated major theoretical trends.


List of Figures. Notes on Contributors. Part I: Knowledges:. 1. The "Social" in Archaeological Theory: An Historical and Contemporary Perspective: Ian Hodder (Standford University). 2. Cross-Cultural Comparison and Archaeological Theory: Bruce G. Trigger (McGill University). 3. Social Archaeology and Marxist Social Thought: Thomas C. Patterson (University of California, Riverside). 4. Embodied Subjectivity: Gender, Femininity, Masculinity, Sexuality: Rosemary A. Joyce (University of California, Berkeley). 5. Social Archaeology and Origins Research: A Paleolithic Perspective: Clive Gamble and Erica Gittins (Both at the University of Southampton). Part II: Identities:. 6. Archaeology and the Life Course: A Time and Age for Gender: Roberta Gilchrist (University of Reading). 7. The Past and Foreign Countries: Colonial and Post-Colonial Archaeology and Anthropology: Chris Gosden (Pitt Rivers Museum, University of Oxford). 8. Material Culture: Current Problems: Victor Buchli (University College, London). 9. Ideology, Power, and Capitalism: The Historical Archaeology of Consumption: Paul R. Mullins (Indiana University-Purdue University, Indianapolis). Part III: Places:. 10. Space, Spatiality, and Archaeology: Emma Blake (Stanford University). 11. Social Archaeologies of Landscape: Wendy Ashmore (University of California, Riverside). 12. Living and Working at Home: The Social Archaeology of Household Production and Social Relations: Julia A. Hendon (Gettysburg College). 13. Diaspora and Identity in Archaeology: Moving beyond the Black Atlantic: Ian Lilley (University of Queensland). Part IV: Politics:. 14. The Political Economy of Archaeological Practice and the Production of Heritage in the Middle East: Reinhard. Bernbeck and Susan Pollock (Both at: State University of New York, Binghamton). 15. Latin American Archaeology: From Colonialism To Globalization: Gustavo Politis (CONICET-UNCPBA, Argentina) and Jose Antonio Perez Gollan (CONICET-Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina). 16. Contested Pasts: Archaeology and Native Americans: Randall H. McGuire (Binghamton University). 17. Identity, Modernity, and Archaeology: The Case of Japan: Koji Mizoguchi (Kyushu University, Japan). Index


Lynn Meskell is Professor of Anthropology at Stanford University. She is founding editor of the Journal of Social Archaeology and her previous books include Archaeology under Fire: Nationalism, Politics, and Heritage in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East (1998, ed.), Archaeologies of Social Life: Age, Sex, Class etc. in Ancient Egypt (Blackwell, 1999), Private Life in New Kingdom Egypt (2002), Embodied Lives: Figuring Ancient Maya and Egyptian Experience, (2003, with Rosemary Joyce), and Object Worlds from Ancient Egypt: Material Biographies Past and Present (2004). Robert W. Preucel is Associate Professor of Anthropology and Associate Curator of North American Archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania. He is editor of Processual and Postprocessual Archaeologies: Multiple Ways of Knowing the Past (1991), co-editor with Ian Hodder of Contemporary Archaeology in Theory (Blackwell, 1996), and editor of Archaeologies of the Pueblo Revolt: Identity, Meaning, and Renewal in the Pueblo World (2002).


A Choice Outstanding Academic Title of the Year "In this archaeological pilgrimage A Companion to Social Archaeology has been a well-met companion on the road." Australian Archaeology
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