A Companion to Malory

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Malory's Morte Darthur - text, history and reception - expertly appraised by international scholars.


Part 1 Malory in context: "The Hoole Book" - editing and the creation of meaning in Malory's text, Carol M. Meale; chivalry and the "Morte Darthur", Richard Barber; the place of women in the "Morte Darthur", Elizabeth Edwards; contextualizing "Le Morte Darthur" - empire and civil war, Felicity Riddy; Malory and his sources, Terence McCarthy; language and style in Malory, Jeremy Smith; the Malory life-records, P.J.C. Field. Part 2 The art of the "Morte Darthur": beginnings - "The Tale of King Arthur" and "King Arthur and the Emperor Lucius", Elizabeth Archibald; "The Tale of Sir Gareth" and "The Tale of Sir Lancelot", Barbara Nolan; "The Book of Sir Tristram de Lyones", Helen Cooper; Malory and the Grail legend, Jill Mann; the ending of the "Morte Darthur", C. David Benson. Part 3 Posterity: the reception of Malory's "Morte Darthur", A.S.G. Edwards.
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