1000 Symbols

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August 2002



Symbols are an international language, but that language is far from universal. Different symbols mean radically different things in different contexts - a cross, a crane, or a swastika each have a distinct meaning for a Buddhist, an art historian, or a student of the occult.


Symbol Finder 1. Geometrical Shapes - 2. The Universe - 3. Characters and People - 4. Living Creatures - 5. Flowers, Plants and Trees - 6. Mythical Beasts - 7. Objects and Artefacts - 8. Numbers and Colours


Rupert Shepherd is a freelance writer specialising in art history. Since graduating from the Courtauld Institute he has written two books on Renaissance art, and is currently working on a book about the history of the Palace of Westminster. Rowena Shepherd is an art historian currently working for English Heritage. Rachel Kennedy is a curator at the Victoria & Albert Museum. She specializes in the art of the 18th century, and has contributed entries on the symbolism of art to a number of dictionaries and encyclopaedias.


Comprehensive reference dictionary, enabling you to identify a symbol, discover its history, and determine its cross-cultural meaning.
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