Geostatistics for Environmental Scientists

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Februar 2008



There are many factors that environmental scientists should consider in their research. Weather and climate vary widely between locations, soil varies at every spatial scale at which it is examined, and even man-made attributes, such as the distribution of pollution, fluctuate significantly.


Preface 1 Introduction 2 Basic Statistics 3 Prediction and Interpolation 4 Characterizing Spatial Processes: The Covariance and Variogram 5 Modelling the Variogram 6 Reliability of the Experimental Variogram and Nested Sampling 7 Spectral Analysis 8 Local Estimation or Prediction: Kriging 9 Kriging in the Presence of Trend and Factorial Kriging 10 Cross-Correlation, Coregionalization and Cokriging 11 Disjunctive Kriging 12 Stochastic Simulation (new file) Appendix A Appendix B References Index


"This is certainly an invaluable text for advanced undergraduate and graduate students of spatial variation and environmental research." (International Journal of Environmental and Analytical Chemistry, August 2008)
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