Pantone: Colour Cards

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These vibrant flashcards are an engaging and beautiful invitation for children and parents to explore colour together in a whole new way. This 18 card set includes 2 tones of each of the 9 basic colours to help stimulate children's development, including Lollipop Purple, Starfish Orange and Grasshopper Green. The cards can also be used to decorate the walls in a children's nursery or classroom.


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Pantone revolutionized the graphic arts industry with the launch of the Pantone Matching System in 1963, which enabled designers and printers to articulate and reproduce accurate colour anywhere in the world. This system achieved global acceptance and quickly became the standard in colour naming and matching. Today, Pantone serves not only as the premiere colour consultant and authority in trends, but as a consumer brand in apparel, housewares, accessories, arts and crafts, stationery and office, home furnishings, apps and electronics product lines.
EAN: 9781419707865
ISBN: 1419707868
Untertitel: 18 Oversized Flash Cards. 'Abrams Appleseed'. Full-colour illustrations throughout. Sprache: Englisch.
Verlag: Abrams Books
Erscheinungsdatum: März 2013
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