Therapeutic Endoscopy: CD-ROM

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Juli 1998



Developed from the International Workshops held annually in Hong Kong, this interactive multimedia 2-set CD-ROM demonstrates 'live' procedures performed by a team of expert international endoscopists.

Therapeutic Endoscopy CD-ROM will serve as a graphic introduction to trainee endoscopists and endoscopic nursing staff. Experienced endoscopists will learn the 'tricks of the trade' shared by the world's leading experts.

Two multimedia CD-ROMs with digital video and original soundtrack.
Each procedure includes background information and important caveats.
Key references accompany each procedure.
The world's leading authorities demonstrate the very latest endoscopic advances.
Provides a direct and easy way of navigation by the click of the mouse to any desired place.


Latest endoscopic advances demonstrated with soundtrack. Live procedures performedby a team of expert international endoscopists. Procedures accompanied by references.
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