Angler IQ Fishing Log and Calendar

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Angler IQ Fishing Log and Calendar 2009, where knowledge is a bent rod! This journal is more than a simple log to record your catch. This log has been created by fishermen for fishermen with the information you need to be your own fishing guide in an easy-to-record format. Also included in this log is a complete calendar with moon phases for the entire year. Keep this journal as a reference for years to come! This log is designed for you to record and track conditions such as water temperature, tides, barometric pressure, water clarity, and much more. The innovative X-Ref section allows you to record your catch by species, which saves you time and the need to flip pages to find successful techniques that YOU have developed. If none of this floats your boat, then enjoy the beautiful pictorials of the Angler IQ girls! The Angler IQ girls will bring some sexy humor with quotes to stimulate your mind as well as your eyes. Go forward and fish first, then write it down!

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