Stedman's Plus Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker

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Februar 2008



Anyone who relies upon a word processor to produce documentation relating to healthcare must have a dependable medical spellchecker. This audience, while incredibly broad in its potential, primarily includes medical transcriptionists, medical records departments, medical editors and writers, academics, physicians, researchers, and healthcare professionals. In most of these fields, accuracy of the written word is mandatory: an inaccurate representation of medical terminology in medical documentation can lead to legal action, errors in medical practice, and errors in coding and reimbursement. In addition, no other discipline has such a dynamic, expanding language base, as new terms are rapidly introduced and constantly evolving. With this knowledge, it is easy to understand why Stedman's Plus Medical/Pharmaceutical Spellchecker is LWW's highest-revenue generating software product, and MLR's highest-generating annual product. In 2006, Stedman's Plus sold over $2.5 million (which does not include revenue booked through Rights, Licensing and Permissions group). In 2007, Stedman's Plus 2006 has sold $900K million (04.07 YTD) which does not include revenue booked through Rights, Licensing and Permissions group.

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