Mosby's Maternal-newborn and Women's Health Nursing Video Skills

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Mosby's Maternal-Newborn & Women's Health Nursing Video Skills DVD presents the most commonly performed procedures that students need to learn to provide optimal care for today's maternity and neonatal patients. Such high-interest procedures as gestational assessment, fundal height, fetal heart tones, Leopold's maneuvers, and more are covered in this easy-to-view format. Plus, realistic 3-D animations allow students to visualize what's happening inside the body and simplify difficult concepts, including showing the fetal lie and positioning, making concepts easier to understand and apply to patient care.


Maternity Nursing
. Assessing Deep Tendon Reflexes
. Assisting During Amniocentesis
. Auscultating the Fetal Heart Rate
. Performing Leopold's Maneuvers
. Performing a Stress Test
. Assessing Fundal Height
. Positioning and Assisting with Comfort Measures in Labor
. Assisting with an Epidural
. Assessing the Fundus Postpartum
. Assisting with a Sitz Bath Neonatal Nursing
. Obtaining an Apgar Score
. Assessing a Newborn Reflexes
. Performing Newborn Cord Care
. Ausculating Newborn Heart Sounds
. Weighing and Measuring a Newborn
. Administering Intramuscular Injections in the Newborn
. Assisting with a Circumcision
. Teaching Breastfeeding
. Performing Newborn Gavage Feeding
. Suctioning with a Bulb Syringe or Mechanical Apparatus Women's Health Care
. Teaching Breast Self-Examination
. Assisting with a Pelvic Examination
. Teaching Birth Control Methods
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