Guard Us Sleeping: Compline Psalms, Prayers, and Hymns for the Night

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Januar 2004



Compline, the ancient service of psalms, hymns, and prayers at night, is sung by the brothers of the Society of Saint John the Evangelist.


What first alerted my ear was the strength and beauty of the vocal sound ... the [CD] begins with three plainchant tracks that seduce the ear with excellent intonation and incline the heart to the ageless emotions of the psalms. So it is an unexpected pleasure when there emerges a four-part hymn both rich in its voicing and velvet in tessitura ... Even more compelling was the second, contemporary service with its newly composed psalm tone, longer scripture reading, and invitingly dissonant Lord's Prayer ... the careful marriage of text and music was a masterful proof of how attentive one can and must be in the sung language of prayer ... In a busy work week, I can think of few better ways to relax in the evening, to raise one's mind to God effortlessly, and to bathe oneself in choral beauty than to sit and listen to this CD. The Living Church
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Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2004
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