The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die

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Januar 2008



For this remarkable book and the upcoming companion TV program to be aired on PBS, Dr. John Izzo and his colleagues surveyed more than 200 people ages 60 to 106 identified by others as having lived happy lives and as having found purpose and contentment. Here he presents their valuable advice on what really matters in life, and how to put this cumulative wisdom into practice. The interviewees, ranging from aboriginal elders to town barbers, from Holocaust survivors to former CEOs, reflect back on their lives to identify the sources of happiness and meaning as well as lessons learned, regrets, and major crossroads. Based on these interviews, and Dr. Izzo's twenty years' experience helping people find more spirit and purpose, the book explores the secrets to finding contentment and happiness.

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ISBN: 1602833435
Untertitel: Laufzeit ca. 300 Minuten. Sprache: Englisch.
Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2008
Übersetzer/Sprecher: Vorgelesen von John Izzo Ph D.
Format: CD's
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