Northanger Abbey

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Juli 2006



When Catherine Morland, a country clergyman's daughter, is invited to spend a season in Bath with the fashionable high society, little does she imagine the delights and perils that await her. Captivated and disconcerted by what she finds, and introduced to the joys of 'Gothic novels' by her new friend, Isabella, Catherine longs for mystery and romance. When she is invited to stay with the beguiling Henry Tilney and his family at Northanger Abbey, she expects mystery and intrigue at every turn. However, the truth turns out to be even stranger than fiction...


In the late 1700s, romantic gothic fiction was a popular genre epitomised by Ann Radcliffe's The Mysteries of Udolpho, which involved a beautiful heroine who suffers mental torture at the hands of her aunt's husband in his ruined castle. Writing a few years later, Austen presented herself as the literary equivalent of Dawn French and mocked Radcliffe's work with her own version, Northanger Abbey. This satire laughed at the idea that all young girls were beautiful and good-natured and all large buildings imposing and full of mystery. Juliet Stevenson conveys all the irony that Austen intended in her work, and this is a wonderful testament to one of her less appreciated novels. - Kim Bunce, The Observer This Naxos AudioBooks recording is read by the acclaimed British stage and screen actress Juliet Stevenson whose performance as the acerbic Mrs Elton in the 1996 movie adaptation of Jane Austen's novel Emma was amazingly as outrageously funny as Austen's insufferable character. Stevenson's reading did not disappoint and far exceeded my expectations. She added just the right amount of irony and humor to the reading that I was never in doubt that it is a burlesque of campy Gothic fiction or other overly sentimental novels popular in Jane Austen's day. Her choice of characterizations was imaginative and captivating. Hearing her interpretation of the emptiness of Mrs Allen and her frivolous distinction for fashion, Isabella Thorpe and her shallow endearments, and Henry Tilney with his knack for reading and adapting to different personalities with wit and charm, I have a deeper appreciation and understanding of the novel and recommend it highly. - Laurel Ann,
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