The Good News

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Dezember 2004



October 29, 2004--Franklin Park, Illinois--The ministry of Father Jim Marchionda of the Chicago Dominican Province of St. Albert the Great, stretches far beyond priest and preacher. His integrated ministry as preacher, clinician, conductor, singer and woodwind instrumentalist is described as a "full of life celebration," and takes him throughout the United States and abroad. His latest recording "The Good News" has just been released from World Library Publications. "The Good News" is a collection of more than a dozen songs specifically designed for children and youth; although, music that reaches far into the adult sensibility. It is steeped in scriptural text with a contemporary, upbeat and energetic musical style. "I want every song to be a musical preaching that is wedded to the Word of God." says Fr. Jim, reflecting his desire for the listener. Titles include: the rock-driven, "Blessed Be the name of the Lord; " children's anthem, "From Advent to Christmas; " the jazzy, "Lord, Let us See Your Kindness; calypso-inspired, "My Soul Rejoices; " the rousing title track, "The Good News; " the quiet ballad, "Peter, Do You Love Me?" and more. The use of a youth choir and small adult ensemble in the recording demonstrates the flexibility of the music and its ability to cross generational lines. This new CD is now available through World Library Publications (WLP) by calling 800-566-6150 or ordering online at

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