Homer - Odyssey

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Januar 2006



The classics are rapidly receding from public consciousness, and modern revisions of them, such as the film "O Brother, Where Art Thou, are in genuine danger of never being linked to their original inspiration. Noted classicist Stanley Lombardo breathes new life into one of the most famous and beloved ancient works with an engaging and vibrant audio performance of Homer's "Odyssey. This state-of-the-art compact disc recording provides high-quality access to one of the greatest works in world literature. � 3Lombardo has brought his laconic wit and love of the ribald . . . to his version of the "Odyssey. His carefully honed syntax gives the narrative energy and a whirlwind pace. The lines, rhythmic and clipped, have the tautness and force of Odysseus� 2 bow.� 4--Chris Hedges, "The New York Times Book Review


Stanley Lombardo is Professor of Classics, University of Kansas.


"Lombardo weaves his cherished idioms into important patterns of repetition and transformation so familiar to the telling of the Odyssey... serving to remind us of the oral character of the original Odyssey and providing the reader with an uncanny immediacy and relevance. Christina Zwarg Bryn Mawr Classical Review"
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