Awakening Kundalini for Health, Energy, and Consciousness

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Kundalini is the primordial life force that enlivens, vivifies, and motivates our body and mind. Awakened kundalini can become a geyser of energy that leads to greater creativity and health, heightened awareness, and states of ecstasy. On this CD, Chris Kilham explains kundalini and introduces time-honored meditation techniques for safely increasing its flow within the body.


Christopher Kilham has more than twenty years experience with the practice and teaching of yoga and is the author of several books, including The Bread and Circus "Whole Food Bible," "Kava," "Take Charge of Your Health and Inner Power," "In Search of New Age," and "The Five Tibetans."


"Although this CD seems primarily directed at people who have not yet experienced Kundalini, it packs a lot of relevant information and gives a good overview of the process. Drawing on twenty-five years of personal yoga experience, Kilham gives a clear and accurate description of Kundalini and the Chakras, managing to translate the esoteric, complex Sanskrit terminology of yoga into easily understood ideas."--Ed Collie, "Shared Transformation"
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