Love Life

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August 2013



An international No. 1 best seller and multi-award winning novel, Love Life, as Fay Weldon said, 'is like nothing else'. In a novel of formidable force and shocking immediacy, a young married woman's turbulent affair with an older man rapidly evolves into a feverish, lyrical exploration of the anatomy of obsession. When Ya'ara meets Aryeh, her father's boyhood friend, she is instantly drawn to his archly assured presence. She quickly forsakes her devoted and well-meaning husband for this powerful and mysterious older man, but as their heated affair intensifies, Ya'ara finds that the things in Aryeh that attract her also repel her with equal intensity. Love Life is an intelligent, seductive and provocative novel about relationships that marks the debut of an important new voice.


Zeruya Shalev


* Shalev's tale tells the story from Ya'ara's point of view with impressive intelligence and searing candour. A fine novel. The Times * Beautifully written. Independent on Sunday * Shalev unleashes a reading adventure, compelling, fiery, clever and daring ... a cinema of passions in words ... Shalev talks and persuades, bluffs and astonishes and finally amazes us with how pure and clean the air is after such a narrative thunderstorm. Die Zeit (Germany) * This sexy, densely written Israeli bestseller picks up where Erica Jong left off. Publisher's Weekly
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