Boys of Vice City

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Mai 2012



Gil Graham wanted a job in the movies but when he enters the offices of James Rosen, one of Hollywood's toughest new-style movie producers, he gets more than he had bargained for. Gil soon discovers that he has a lot of what the hunky young men working on the film want and before long he's giving it to them every way they want it. The glamorous-and sometimes not so glamorous-movie business forms the backdrop to this carnal tale acted out in Rome's sultry streets-Vice City where everything is for sale. But by the end Gil finds something more valuable than a career: true love.


Zack was born in 1948 in Switzerland; since 1973 he lives in the UK. He is a self-educated illustrator and started to design explicit gay comic strips in the early seventies, inspired by his very own erotic fantasies. The message of his work is simple and it comes from the heart: Sex is fun, and anything goes as long as all involved enjoy it and are not hurt or abused against their will. Zack designed numberless comic strips for British magazines like HIM, Vulcan and Teenage Dreams.
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