Semantics of Probabilistic Processes

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Februar 2015



This book discusses the semantic foundations of concurrent systems with nondeterministic and probabilistic behaviour. Particular attention is given to clarifying the relationship between testing and simulation semantics and characterising bisimulations from metric, logical, and algorithmic perspectives. Besides presenting recent research outcomes in probabilistic concurrency theory, the book exemplifies the use of many mathematical techniques to solve problems in computer science, which is intended to be accessible to postgraduate students in Computer Science and Mathematics. It can also be used by researchers and practitioners either for advanced study or for technical reference.


1. Introduction.-
2. Mathematical Preliminaries.-
3. Probabilistic Bisimulation.-
4. Probabilistic Testing Semantics.-
5. Testing Finite Probabilistic Processes.-
6. Testing Finitary Probabilistic Processes.-
7. Weak probabilistic bisimulation.- Index.



Yuxin Deng got his BEng (1999) and MSc (2002) from Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China, and PhD (2005) from Ecole des Mines de Paris, France. He was a research associate at University of New South Wales, Australia (2005-2006). Since 2006 he has joined Shanghai Jiao Tong University and is now an associate professor in Department of Computer Science and Engineering. In 2011 he was a visiting research fellow at Carnegie Mellon University. During 2012-2013 he was a loaned expert at UNESCO Headquarters on secondment from the Ministry of Education of China. Dr. Deng's research interests include concurrency theory, especially about process calculi, and formal semantics of programming languages, as well as formal verification of security protocols and distributed algorithms. His recent research focus is probabilistic concurrency theory for which he has contributed to the development of probabilistic testing semantics and (bi)simulation semantics. Dr. Deng has published 50 papers in international journals and conferences. He served as PC members for a number of conferences such as FORTE 2014, ICALP 2013, QEST 2013 etc. and as reviewers for many journals and conferences such as ACM Transactions on Computational Logic, Theoretical Computer Science, Information and Computation, Logical Methods in Computer Science, Formal Aspect of Computing, ICALP, LICS, CONCUR, FOSSACS, etc.
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