Tools for Representing Moving Objects and Reasoning on their Semantics: A review

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Februar 2015



Scientific Essay from the year 2014 in the subject Mathematics - Applied Mathematics, , language: English, abstract: The representation and understanding of the movement semantics of moving objects is a key issue for developing more accurate and efficient applications for Location Based Services, fleet control and so on. This field became very important for researching in the area of Database and Artificial Intelligence. There are many proposals related with algorithms and techniques for this vein, most of them have been implemented on tools, but they are not in sight of researching community and not available for widely usage. In this paper we present a survey on tools for representing moving objects and reasoning on their movement semantics, analyzing proposals from the database context to recent artificial intelligence ones. Our main goal is to clarify the existence and importance of those unknown tools with high impact on representing moving objects considering the semantics of the movement for spatio-temporal analysis.


Graduated in Computer Sciences in 2006. He obtained his Master in Software Engineering and Artificial Intelligence by the University of Malaga in 2011. Assistant professor, with expertise in the Computer Programming Discipline and Software Engineering. Since 2012 have been developing a Semantic Model for Moving Objects Analysis. His main interest are Formal Semantics for Moving Objects and Fleet Control.
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