Managing Inflation in China

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März 2015



Managing Inflation in China: Current Trends and New Strategies offers an analysis of recent inflation data from China. With extensive study of past literature and carefully crafted vector autoregression models, the series identifies the domestic and foreign factors which contribute to inflation in China. The report pinpoints the root causes of the problem and suggests future policies that can lead to the effective management of inflation in the nation. Additionally, the series also assesses how inflation affects different sectors in the country, especially in areas such as wealth distribution and welfare provision. Volume 2 looks into the effects of inflation on China as well as the measures of inflation, with the following highlights:* The effects of inflation on China's trade structure: inflation will motivate industrial upgrading through pushing up labor costs.* The relationship between inflation and the redistribution of wealth: inflation affects China in a way completely different from it does the United States.* Assessments of various inflation measures: how would the choice of measures alter China's CPI figures?

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