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Juli 2011



Based on interviews and field research,the authors explore the sets of ideas Arab tribespeople from Ras Al-Khaimah had about tribe and community; social and economic networks, and jural contracts for livelihoods and profits; their uses of their environments; the moral relations of credit, debt and labour; ruling; economic and political transformations; and ideas of regional history where conflicts were regarded as disputes over sets of ideas, and informal accounts of tribal and local histories.Published sources give a wider context to these ideas and events which show the great complexity and differing perspectives of 'life before oil' in the Gulf.


1;Preface;6 2;Acknowledgements;12 3;Contents;14 4;1 Social matters: social infrastructure, premises and practice;16 4.1;Ownership, territory, and residence;41 4.2;Group identities and their references;50 4.3;The poetics of dwelling;51 5;2 Sea people, ahl al-bahr, and how they lived;60 5.1;Sea trading and carrying;61 5.2;Pearling;71 5.3;Fishing;75 5.4;Changes in coastlines;83 6;3 Livelihoods and living on the coastal plains or sayh, and the sands;114 6.1;Waters, soils, and livelihood options;114 6.2;Livelihoods and profits, ma'ash wa fa'ida, and living;117 7;4 Ru'us al-Jibal mountains; livelihoods and living;152 7.1;Waters, soils, environments;152 7.2;Livelihoods and living in the Ru'us al-Jibal;162 8;5 The western Hajar mountains; livelihoods and living;206 8.1;Waters, soils, and environments;206 8.2;Livelihoods and living in the western Hajar;224 9;6 Distribution, trade, investment, credit and debt;254 9.1;The second section describes the activities of traders;276 10;7 Ruling and Rulers;313 10.1;Local terms for persons fulfilling roles in aspects of ruling;319 10.2;Local descriptions of ruling in the past;326 10.3;Rationales of ruling;348 10.4;Changes from the discovery and development of oil;384 11;8 'What happened to turn our world upside down?';391 11.1;A brief economic history of the area;398 11.2;Changes in traditional sources of profits;425 11.3;Date growing areas inland from the coast;446 11.4;Sands;452 11.5;Ru'us al-Jibal;456 11.6;Western Hajar;463 11.7;The transformation through modernisation;473 12;9 Back to History;481 12.1;The Gulf coastal towns and places on the Shamailyya and Batinah coasts;486 12.2;Date garden areas of the Sirr;516 12.3;Sands;526 12.4;Ru'us al-Jibal history is presented as tribal history; Dhahuriyyin; Shihuh; and Habus;529 12.5;Western Hajar;544 13;Bibliography;574 14;Index;584 15;List of Figures;596 16;Plates;598


William O. Lancaster and Fidelity C. Lancaster, Aberdeen University, Scotland, UK.
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Untertitel: Life Before Oil in Ras Al-Khaimah (UAE) and Some Neighbouring Regions. Sprache: Englisch. Dateigröße in MByte: 5.
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