Pressed: A Kurt Vetter Thriller (The Reluctant Hero, #2)

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November 2011



Still bruised and battered from his most recent mission, ex-CIA analyst, Kurt Vetter is forced into service once again after hackers launch a devastating cyber attack on the US warning system, threatening an all-out nuclear confrontation.

While teaming up again with Amanda Carter and investigating the security breach, Kurt discovers that Russian Intelligence has compromised the National Military Command Center. Meanwhile, a notorious and dangerous arms dealer is set to begin peddling stolen nuclear warheads on the black market.  But can Kurt juggle both crises without catastrophe striking?

Book 1 - The Patriot Paradox
Book 2 - Pressed
Book 3 - Blood in the Streets
or get all three titles in one combined edition with The Kurt Vetter Trilogy


William Esmont writes about zombies, spies, and futures you probably wouldn't want to experience from his home in southern Arizona. He counts Stephen King, Vince Flynn, and Margaret Atwood as his influences. When not writing, he likes to spend time riding his bike or hanging out with his wife and their two Great Danes.

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Verlag: William Esmont
Erscheinungsdatum: November 2011
Format: epub eBook
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