Blood in the Streets: A Kurt Vetter Thriller (The Reluctant Hero, #3)

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Dezember 2014



When a routine trip to China turns disastrous, Kurt Vetter finds himself amidst a series of attacks on civilian targets that plunges the country into anarchy. Forced to take his team to the war-torn streets of Beijing, Kurt searches for the Chinese double agent who could very well be behind the violence and destruction--or know who is.
Just as Washington gets sidelined from heroic reaction, Kurt uncovers the mastermind behind China's mass destruction. But when the conflict spreads further, beyond China's borders, Kurt and his team realize the threat is bigger and more dangerous than they ever thought. With every second counting, it's a race to end the conflict before the clock runs out...
This time, Kurt might not make it...
Series Details:Book 1 - The Patriot ParadoxBook 2 - PressedBook 3 - Blood in the Streets or get all three book in one volume with The Kurt Vetter Trilogy


William Esmont writes about zombies, spies, and futures you probably wouldn't want to experience from his home in southern Arizona. He counts Stephen King, Vince Flynn, and Margaret Atwood as his influences. When not writing, he likes to spend time riding his bike or hanging out with his wife and their two Great Danes.

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Verlag: William Esmont
Erscheinungsdatum: Dezember 2014
Format: epub eBook
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