Daniel and Job

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Jessica Drake is a fledgling reporter assigned to investigate suspicious activity at the Rev-Tech Bionics Corporation. She blindly takes one photo on her way out of the complex which results in her being pursued by four armed guards. She is knocked unconscious, but mysteriously rescued by an apparently-sightless young man named Daniel - and Job, his very large dog. Jessie finds 4 old leather booklets in the room where she is recuperating and reads them over the course of the next few days. She learns about the amazing Kandar and his wife Shahlaya, two aliens from a planet called Ionus, and about an entity known as the Vargon. Meanwhile, she is startled to find out that Daniel isn't blind, that he is actually the owner of Rev-Tech and that he just might be in some way connected to these intergalactic travelers. Eventually, Daniel warns Jessie that an alien invasion is imminent, which has its roots in the tragic story that she has just finished reading. She also finds herself teleported - and, to her dismay, buck naked - at several points in the progression of the story. A military officer named General Jerome Bascombe becomes a major player in the unfolding events, as do federal agents Beckert and Banks. The alien Kandar appears in time to take on an invading force from the planet Bardok in an air-battle while Daniel faces off with them on the ground. Although the backdrop is science fiction, the real tale is the developing romantic relationship between Jessie and Daniel alongside the lifelong devotion shared by Daniel and his dog. It is as much romantic-comedy as it is sci-fi & adventure and there are a great many twists and turns along the way which involve the military, the President of the United States and even the Pope. In the midst of the foregoing lies a recurring theme of "blind faith" and elements of religion as well as a smattering of mathematics [in the brief discussion of dimensions]. There is virtually no description in this book: It is a movie of the mind. Except for the fact that Jessie is "beautiful" and has dark hair, there is no mention of racial makeup, so the reader is invited to paint the characters as he (or she) pleases. There is nudity in the book, but no description of body parts. There is kissing and a suggestion of mild S&M, but no explicit description of any sexual activity. This book is written for readers of any age and, how much they get out of it, depends on the extent of their own personal experiences. "Daniel and Job" is intended to be a feel-good experience and a lesson on love and the sacrifices we are willing to make for it.

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