Atlas of Human Anatomy

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September 2013



Atlas of Human Anatomy, Sixteenth Edition presents several illustrations of human anatomy with cross-references to enable students to gain a three-dimensional impression of the subject matter. This book aims to strengthen the visual memory of students in their study of human anatomy, which is so important to the acquisition of a spatial image of the human body.
Organized into six chapters, this book begins with an overview of the human skeletal system. This text then presents a collection of plates covering the trunks, the upper and lower extremities, the head, the muscles of the perineum, and the regions of the body. Other chapters consider the anatomy of the cardiovascular system, the development of the face, the digestive system, and the male and female genital systems. This book discusses as well the central nervous system. The final chapter deals with the sensory organ of the human body.
This book is a valuable resource for teachers and students of human anatomy.


1;Front Cover;1 2;Atlas of Human Anatomy;4 3;Copyright Page;5 4;Table of Contents;8 5;PREFACE;6 6;Translation of common anatomical terms;10 7;CHAPTER 1. GENERAL ANATOMY;16 8;CHAPTER 2. SPECIAL ANATOMY OF LOCOMOTOR APPARATUS;46 8.1;The trunk;48 8.2;The lower extremity;140 8.3;The upper extremity;236 8.4;The head;303 8.5;The muscles of the perineum;366 8.6;The regions of the body;371 8.7;Roentgenograms;374 9;CHAPTER 3. ANGIOLOGY;417 9.1;The heart;418 9.2;The circulation;450 9.3;The structure of arteries, capillaries and veins;456 9.4;The blood;463 9.5;Blood and lymph vessels of the trunk;467 9.6;Blood and lymph vessels of the lower limb;513 9.7;Blood and lymph vessels of the upper limb;529 9.8;Blood and lymph vessels of the head and neck;550 10;CHAPTER 4. SPLANCHNOLOGY;576 10.1;Embryology;577 10.2;The digestive system;584 10.3;The respiratory system;639 10.4;The urinary system;662 10.5;The male genital system;670 10.6;The female genital system;677 11;CHAPTER 5. NEUROLOGY;690 11.1;The central nervous system;690 11.2;The tracts of the central nervous system;733 11.3;The membranes and vessels of the brain;755 11.4;The peripheral and autonomie nervous system;763 12;CHAPTER 6. THE SENSE ORGANS AND THE SKIN;841 12.1;The eye;842 12.2;The ear;867 12.3;The skin;891 12.4;The mammary gland;896 13;Index;898

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