The Secret Journey

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To sustain her family, Mrs. Fury buries herself in debt At the top of the hill on the north side of town, Mrs. Ragner rules over her kingdom. A bitter old loan shark, she has a grip on all the families in this port city, and she squeezes each one for every last cent. For seven years, Mrs. Fury has borrowed money from Mrs. Ragner to send her son Peter to seminary. He never joined the priesthood, but the debt still stands. When she is unable to pay back her loan, Mrs. Ragner is happy to extend more credit. But every time they revisit their agreement, the interest rate rises and Mrs. Ragner's stranglehold on the Furys tightens. While his mother struggles to pay back her debts, Peter tries to find his way in the secular world. He is deeply in love with his older brother's wife, and his passion threatens to upend the family. The Furys think they have sacrificed everything for Peter, but they are not done yet. The Secret Journey is the second book of James Hanley's acclaimed Furys Saga.


Wayne Koestenbaum has published over a dozen books on such subjects as hotels, Harpo Marx, humiliation, Jackie Onassis, and opera. His latest book of prose is My 1980s & Other Essays (2013); his latest book of poetry is Blue Stranger with Mosaic Background (2012). Koestenbaum's first solo exhibition of paintings took place at White Columns gallery in New York during the fall of 2012. He is a distinguished professor of English at the Graduate Center of the City University of New York.


¿A masterly piece of realism.¿ ¿The New York Times ¿[Hanley¿s writing is] uncompromising, stark, too truthful to be comfortable.¿ ¿Anthony Burgess ¿[Hanley was] not British, not American, not South African, not Ebury Street, not Chicago. Just language like a good clean cyclone.¿ ¿William Faulkner ¿A modernist master.¿ ¿Kirkus Reviews ¿[Hanley is] a novelist of distinction and originality.¿ ¿E. M. Forster ¿[Hanley¿s] language, intense and compassionate as his world is diseased and vicious, reveals an intense understanding of the cesspool of human nature and the capacity for good and bad, even at once.¿ ¿The List (Edinburgh) ¿[Hanley was the creator of] some of the most serious and emotionally demanding novels in our language this century.¿ ¿The Sunday Correspondent ¿Hanley is one of the most able and influential writers in the English language.¿ ¿The Boston Globe ¿[Hanley] is that rarity of rarities: a genuine original.¿ ¿The New York Times Book Review ¿[Hanley] is one of the most consistently praised and least-known novelists in the English-speaking world.¿ ¿Time
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