The Collected Poems of Freddy the Pig

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Dezember 2014



The weather, all animals (with special emphasis on the peculiar attributes of pigs), joy and sorrow, the utility of facial features, and a world of other subjects are poetically worked over by the world's most distinguished pig-of-letters, Freddy-the Bard of Bean Farm. Whether he's happy or sad Freddy is ever the poet, and his verse-both heavy and light-has created an international fuss among the less gifted pigs and poets. And if Freddy's poetry seems a bit hammy in spots, well . . .


Walter R. Brooks (1886-1958) is the beloved author of 26 books about Freddy the Pig. He edited for magazines, including The New Yorker. In addition to the Freddy books, Brooks created the character Mr. Ed the Talking Horse.


¿Freddy¿s readers have called him a porcine prince ... Walter R. Brooks¿s gentle genius shines even brighter.¿ ¿Nicholas Kristof,The New York Times ¿At my funeral, in lieu of flowers, I¿d prefer that people give money to the Friends of Freddy fan club.¿ ¿Deirdre Donahue,USA Today ¿Freddy is blessed with courage, wit, agility and a Sherlock Holmes-like capacity for detective work.¿ ¿Newsday
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