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November 2013



Pro Android Graphics is a comprehensive goldmine of knowledge and techniques that will help you design, create, and optimize 2D graphics for use in your Android Jelly Bean applications. Android application developer and expert multimedia producer Wallace Jackson of Mind Taffy Design shows you how to leverage Android's powerful graphics APIs in conjunction with professional open source graphics design tools such as GIMP 2.8.6 and more. You'll learn about:
  • The foundational graphics concepts behind the three core new media areas (digital imaging, digital video, and 2D animation) which relate to graphics design, and how to optimize these new media assets for your Android applications across iTVs, tablets, eReaders, game consoles, and smartphones.
  • Digital imaging techniques for Android apps design, including graphics design layouts and graphical user interface elements, and how to use image compositing techniques to take your digital imaging to far higher levels.
  • Advanced image compositing and blending techniques, using Android's PorterDuff, NinePatch, and LayerDrawable classes.
  • Advanced 2D animation techniques, using Android's Animation and AnimationDrawable classes.
  • Digital video optimization, playback, and streaming, using open source 3D (Terragen 3) and video (VirtualDub) applications, as well as professional video editing applications such as Squeeze Pro 9. You'll use these software packages with Android's VideoView and MediaPlayer classes, and add compositing to enhance your end-users' digital video experience.


  1. Android Digital Imaging: Formats, Concepts, and Optimization
  2. Android Digital Video: Formats, Concepts, and Optimization
  3. Android Frame Animation: XML, Concepts, and Optimization
  4. Android Procedural Animation: XML, Concepts, and Optimization
  5. Android DIP: Device-Independent Pixel Graphics Design
  6. Android UI Layouts: Graphics Design Using the ViewGroup Class
  7. Android UI Widgets: Graphics Design using the View Class
  8. Advanced ImageView: More Graphics Design Using ImageView
  9. Advanced ImageButton: Creating a Custom Multi-State ImageButton
  10. Using 9-Patch Imaging Techniques to Create Scalable Imaging Elements
  11. Advanced Image Blending: Using Android PorterDuff Classes
  12. Advanced Image Compositing: Using the LayerDrawable Class
  13. Digital Image Transitions: Using the TransitionDrawable Class
  14. Frame-Based Animation: Using the AnimationDrawable Class
  15. Procedural Animation: Using the Animation Classes
  16. Advanced Graphics: Mastering the Drawable Class
  17. Interactive Drawing: Using Paint and Canvas Classes Interactively
  18. Playing Captive Video Using the VideoView and MediaPlayer Classes
  19. Streaming Digital Video from an External Media Server




Wallace Jackson has been writing for leading multimedia publications about his work in new media content development since the advent of Multimedia Producer Magazine nearly two decades ago, when he wrote about computer processor architectures for centerfolds (removable "mini-issue" insert) distributed at SIGGRAPH. Since then, Wallace has written for several other publications about his work in interactive 3D and new media advertising campaign design, including 3D Artist,Desktop Publishers Journal, CrossMedia, AVvideo and Kiosk Magazine.
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