My Girlfriend's Sleeping Sister

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Mai 2013



When Kevin sneaks into his ex-girlfriend's house to recover his favorite book, he discovers more than he expected: his ex's little sister is asleep in her bed. She's always carried a flame for him, and now that they're alone, he just can't hold back. But will she wake up before he crosses the line?
This story is intended only for a mature audience. It's four thousand words of hot erotica, featuring consenting adults doing very naughty things.
~ Excerpt ~
Now I was standing at Ella's door again, looking inside, hoping she had my book. If my cock was hard, it was because I was thinking of Shannon. That's what I kept telling myself. It didn't have anything to do with jerking off to fantasies of her nineteen-year-old sister's virgin pussy. I pushed the door open, letting the light from the hallway shine inside.
Books covered the floor. Heinlein, Zahn, E.L. James. Clothes were scattered over them, including her nerdy hand-knit sweater and a slinky black set of bra and panties. I did a double-take at the sight of her underwear. Shannon had never worn something half so sexy. I had always thought Ella wore granny panties and padded bras, too. I gulped and stepped inside. Stick to the mission, I told myself.
And then I saw her.
Ella was crashed out on her bed. She had a little nightie, jet black on her pale skin. The way she was splayed out, the panties were riding up her ass something fierce. They gathered in the crease of her ass, giving me full view of her perfectly round cheeks. The lace top was pulled halfway up her back, and I could see the round globe of a single breast peeking out the bottom.

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