Men of the West: 10 Spicy, Gay Cowboy Stories

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Juli 2013



This collection of ten smoking hot cowboy and western stories features the manliest, most handsome cowboys to ever wander the range. From the dangerous peaks of Wyoming down to the lonely flats of Texas, these men all have one thing in common: a deep, abiding love for their fellow cowboys.
Come along for the ride and experience the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure of the capture in this ab-tastic set of ten stories. These stories would normally cost $30 at full price, but for a limited time only they're bundled together and offered at a massive discount.
This rodeo is only appropriate for adults 18+ due to the sheer amount of sexiness that packs every last page.
This collection of beefcake includes the following throbbing titles: Rodeo Threeway Rodeo Fourway Rodeo Gangbang The Billionaire's Dark Secret Cowboys and Werewolves Cowboys in the High Meadow Cowboy Dreams Cowboy Trouble Cowboy Hope Milking the Bull

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