Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night Series Book 1

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Vampire by Day Werewolf by Night: Elina Jensen's Double Curse Book1

Elina Jensen was cursed to walk as a vampire by day and as a werewolf by night, when she was in her mother's womb.

Elina had to deal not only with her double curse, but with her attraction for Arian the 19th year old human boy. Kitchi the strong Native American werewolf, and Tristan the handsome Romanian vampire.

Elina Jensen's: Unbroken Curse Book 2

Two years have passed since one of my curses was broken by Kitchi the strong attractive werewolf. Tristan the wise and gorgeous vampire and I were very happy living in Sirdal. One winter night Silver Fox paid us a visit to tell us about the arrival of a merciless vampire hunter named Grigore Enescu. Ironically his name means "watchful; vigilant". Grigore changed my happy life forever.

My double curse returned the moment Kitchi's daughter Kai was born. During a vision I learned why the curse was back. Nahuel the Moon clan's chief wanted our land and war was declared. Hired vampires were soon helping him.

Will Nahuel win the war and destroy my clan? Or are we going to find allies of our own?

Vampire Triplets: Judges of Chaos Book 3

Norway and the rest of the world are in chaos. My clan and Nahuel's are constantly fighting. Vampires and werewolves are turning humans in alarming numbers.

Gavril and Crina the masters of the elite vampire coven "Celebrus". (Latin word for rich and respected) were genetic engineering three perfect vampire rulers. Gavril and Crina spent 400 years working their vampire genes via in vitro fertilization. After they were finally successful a surrogate human mother was chosen. The surrogate was a young healthy Romanian woman named Cecilia.

The triplets names are Aries, Aella and Alair. They call themselves "Judges of Chaos". To keep order in the world the triplets kill those who display hostility. The rest of


Miss Van Bokkem is a
Historical Fiction/Science Fiction author.

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