The Hottest Summer (Turning Straight Into Gay)

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Januar 2013



Every one was shocked to see Daniel when he came back to work at the summer beach resort. He had become... well, HOT. As people fall in love and lust over him, a certain arrogant and possibly schizophrenic co-worker, Ethan, tries to prevent them to take what is rightfully his.

Ethan may not be the best lover in the world-- scratch that, he probably is the worst lover in the world, never mind what he tells you, but he just might have what it takes to woo Daniel, which includes the three D's: Drive, Determination, and Demonic voices in his head.

Will he be able to drop his superior attitude and overcome his anxiety, cowardliness, and peppermint Schnapps addiction in order to win Daniel over?

Will Daniel decide to accept Ethan, the boy who Sneers, Scoffs, and Schemes (the three S's), and give him the key to his heart (and pants)?

Contains explicit gay sex between an ambiguously, very confused straight guy and a gay guy who thinks romantic seduction is passé. Adults only!


I felt him squeeze hard around my fingers, and then I tasted him, his cock shooting cum in my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed, wanting to taste more and more of him.

He slumped back on the ground, breathing hard, and I removed my fingers from him. I kissed him, my tongue darting out and giving him teasing licks, and he smiled against my mouth, kissing me back.

I kissed his cheek, and moved down to kiss his strong jaw, and then down to his neck, licking the long curve before sucking a spot right above his jugular vein. He moaned out loud. I must've hit a nerve, I wanted to tell him, but decided that cheesy lines would probably ruin the moment.

I noticed that his cock was still hard, so I lightly gripped it. He trembled and moaned out, "God, Ethan, just... take me." I grunted at his words. Even the sound of his voice could drive me over the edge.

Daniel watched me closely as I lubed my


Veronica Bates is a former high school teacher turned erotica writer. She loves books, sleazy '60's - '70's exploitation movies, and anything pertaining to erotica.

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