The Widow Takes A Ride: A Regency Erotica

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Mai 2014



The young, widowed Duchess is chafing at the bit; her mourning is all too dreary, and her bed all too empty. She jumps at the chance to entice a young groom into her bed; but will she find herself mastered by her mount?
EXPLICIT: This erotic short story contains explicit heterosexual sex, with a woman spanked and taken roughly by a man.
Excerpt: She brought the piece to a close, and closed the instrument's lid before turning on her stool. Joe loomed over her, face ruddy from exposure to the elements. His hair showed signs of fierce recent grooming. "Joe, could you do me a service?"
"Oh yes, your grace," he said avidly, and Ariadne extended a dainty foot.
"I do believe the buckle of my shoe has come loose. Perhaps you could tighten it for me?"
He dropped to his knees without a word, and took her small foot in both his large, capable hands. He smoothed his thumb over the buckle and then looked up at her.
"All's secure, your grace."
"Perhaps you could smooth my stocking back into place? I believe it has slipped a little." His hand slid up over the curve of her calf, and then to her garter, tied just above the knee.

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