Initiating Isobel: A Regency Erotica (School for Whores, #1)

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Mai 2014



Isobel's been a bad, bad girl. That's why she's been sent to Lady Spencer's select seminary, where she'll learn to be a lady - or so she thinks. What she'll really learn is how to be a whore, and though she's reluctant at first, her body is all too enthusiastic. She soon surrenders her virginity and is initiated into her new life as a harlot.

EXPLICIT: This erotic short story contains explicit scenes of a young lady reluctantly surrendering her virginity to a man who has paid for the privilege of taking it.

"Isobel, you are a very lovely young lady," she said, reaching out to fuss with the arrangement of the curls that tumbled over her shoulder.

"Thank you, my lady!" Isobel could feel herself glow, and then that glow flickered and dimmed at Lady Spencer's next words.

"And it's that loveliness that caused your little difficulty, isn't it?"

"Difficulty?" Isobel repeated, trying to feign ignorance. Lady Spencer just shook her head.

"I assure you, Isobel, I expect to know every detail about my girls before I let them enter my seminary. Your father was reluctant to tell me the take, but I was insistent." She drew a letter from her bosom, and Isobel recognised her father's hand. "He says that you allowed a stable boy to mishandle you?"

"No!" Isobel's hands flew to her cheeks in a vain attempt to press back her blushes. "It's not true!"

"He says that he walked unexpectedly to check on his horses, and your bodice - "


"Perhaps you would like to tell me yourself?"

"I shan't," Isobel declared. "You can't make me!"

"Well, my dear, we shall see about that." She tucked the letter away, and moved towards the door. "Come with me, please."

Lady Spencer led her through the halls, which now seemed dim with menace. Her father had spoken of putting her sins behind he

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