Disciplined by the Duke: A Regency Erotica

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Mai 2014



Claudia once slighted the Duke of Camberton, a foolish mistake that will cost her dear. He's going to force a reluctant Claudia to make amends... whatever it takes. Claudia is horrified to find herself in the notorious rake's power, where she will be humiliated, shamed, and brought exquisite sexual pleasure.

EXPLICIT: This short erotic story contains scenes of explicit heterosexual intercourse, with a wicked Duke and his maidservant punishing and pleasuring a reluctant woman.

Claudia struggled with herself for a moment; but the Duke was right. Her shoulders sagged.

"What do you want?" she said. "Money?"

"Don't be a fool," he said. "Take your gown off."

She could not be surprised. The Duke of Camberton was noted for his - appreciation - of women.

"I can't without my maid," she whispered, and the Duke shrugged. He gestured, and a woman in a maid's dark gown stepped out of the shadows behind his chair. Claudia jumped, and cast a fearful look about the room, in case all the shadows were populated.

The maid was a sly-looking piece with black eyes and a full mouth. She gave Claudia a look rich in scorn before bobbing a curtsey to the Duke.

"Mason. Help the Baroness undress," he said, as indifferently as a man ordering port to be brought in. Mason's lip curled, and she moved to undo the fastenings of Claudia's gown, tiny covered buttons each embroidered with a flower. She had cooed over them when she had been fitted for the gown, had twirled in front of the glass and basked in her own maid's fulsome compliments.

She did not think she would be able to wear it again, not with the memory of the Duke's hard eyes and Mason's hard fingers, digging unnecessarily into her spine as each button was slipped from its loop. The silk slid lower on her bosom, revealing her chemise, and Claudia raised an instinctive hand to hold it in place.

"Don't pretend t

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