Open Mike at Club Bebop (Ganymede Survivors, #1)

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August 2014



Travertine Garcia is out of funds, out of options, and her air tax is due in the morning; you live on the moon, you pay for air. You can't pay, you go looking for miracles, like the Bebop's legendary open microphone, netcast by its equally legendary owner, Joseph Bannister.
Bebop owner Joe "Glitch" Bannister is sleepwalking through his second life, tweaking the gang that wants payola and hacking for the Strike Force that put him back together after blowing him apart.
Until Travertine decimates the Open Mike, flatlines on his stage, and wakes him up. She's everything he didn't know he needed, a deep-dive performer with an ancient-tech interface who can't carry a tune outside the net.
When the Blue Dragon gang kidnaps her while he's off chasing down a rumor about the Ganymede conflict that got him temporarily killed, Joe's ready to fight for the woman and the club; but it's going to take both of them to save the venerable stage and each other.

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Erscheinungsdatum: August 2014
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