Summary of Isaac Asimov's, "The Dark Ages"

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By Isaac Asimov , is a 250 page book summarized in 11. The book , decribes the initial formation of the Western Europen nations, from the core of the Frankish Empire, the Empire that was to follow the Roman Empire in Western Europe from the year 800.


End of the Roman Empire
Italy 490- 523, the Ostrogoth Kingdom
Spain 476 -711, the Visigoth Kingdom
Gaul 476- 486, Gaul, Franks, Burgundians, and Visigoths
The Frankish Kingdom
Clovis 486-511
Rome and Byzanthium
Theodorich 490- 523
Byzanthium, 527- 565, Justinianus
The Frankish Kingdom (2)
Clothar I, 525- 596
Neustria and Austrasia, 596- 632
The Visigoth Kingdom in Spain, 500- 711
The Visigoths conquer the whole Peninsula
The Merovingian Dynasty, the Do Nothing KingsThe Frankish Kingdom (3)
Charles Martel, 718- 741
Pepin the Short, 718- 741
From the Atlantic to the Danube, 768-812
The Treaty of Verdun ,843. The Birth of Two Nations
The Eastern, Middle, and Western Empires, 864- 877
The Western Frankish Kingdom becomes France, 936
The Eastern Frankish Kingdom becomes Germany, 919
The Kingdom of Germany
The Kingdom of France
France, Germany, Britain, and Italy
Othon III


Ultano Kindelan Everett, a Spanish citizen with a European vocation , graduated as an Aeronautical Engineer from Imperial College , London University in 1962. He entered the world of finance in 1968, and has worked for several large multinational companies in that field , in New York, Caracas and Madrid , witnessing many of the financial innovations introduced during this time, such as the Financial Futures and Options Markets in the United States, and later in other countries. He wrote "Introduction to the Financial Markets" , published in Spain in year 2.000, which he updated in 2012.On retirement, he has become an avid reader of History and Science, summarizing close to 100 books on those subjects to help him understand and retain the subject matter of the books. Feeling that some of these summaries might be of interest to other readers, he set up this web-site in 2012, and has placed his course and a selection of his summaries in digital format
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