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April 2015



This book serves as a guide on photonic assembly techniques. It provides an overview of today's state-of-the-art technologies for photonic packaging experts and professionals in the field. The text guides the readers to the practical use of optical connectors. It also assists engineers to find a way to an effective and inexpensive set-up for their own needs. In addition, many types of current industrial modules and state-of-the-art applications from single fiber to multi fiber are described in detail. Simulation techniques such as FEM, BPM and ray tracing are explained in depth. Finally, all recent reliability test procedures for datacom and telecom modules are illustrated in combination with related standardization aspects.


Introduction into Photonic Packaging.
Optical waveguides.
Optical Mode Field Adaptation.
RF Lines.
Soldering, Adhesive Bonding, Bonding.
Optical Coneection Technology.
Active Adjustment Techniques.
Passive Adjustment Techniques.
Optical Motherboard.
Fiber-Optic Modules.
From Chip Design to the Optimum Package.
Reliability Tests.



Prof. Dr. rer .nat. Dr.-Ing. habil Ulrich Fischer-Hirchert is CEO of HarzOptics GmbH, Wernigerode, and Professor of Communication Technics at the Harz University of Applied Sciences, Wernigerode.
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