The Wartime Garden

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This War is a Food War...' In 1941 Lord Woolton, Minister for Food, was determined that the Garden Front would save England: 'Dig for Victory' was the slogan, digging for dinner the reality. With food imports dwindling the number of allotments grew, millions opted to 'Spend an Hour with a Hoe' instead of an hour in a queue, and the upper classes turned lawns, tennis courts and stately gardens over to agriculture. The national diet was transformed, with swedes grown in the place of oranges and hapless children sucking on carrot lollies; evacuees grew their own meals and bomb sites sprouted allotments. Vegetables ruled the airwaves with Mr Middleton's 'In Your Garden' whilst Home Guard potatoes became the favourites of the Kitchen Front. This is a fully illustrated look at the time when gardening saved Britain.


Introduction: 'This is a Food War'
Getting Dug In
All Hands to the Fork
Getting the Message Out
Gold From Your Backyard
'What About the Flowers?'
The Country-House Garden at War
Dig for Peace, Dig for Plenty
Further Reading


Twigs Way is a garden historian, writer and lecturer with a particular interest in the gardens of the working and middle classes. Twigs is fascinated by by the way in which even thesmallest of plots will reflect the impact of social and political change and explores this through her books and media appearances including previous work on wartime gardens.
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