Avoid DWI and Marijuana Charges

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Januar 2015



Most people believe that the Police have all the power. The truth is the citizens of our great country hold the trump cards. Police often use intimidation to bully citizens into getting them to open their doors and allow for a search of their vehicle. This often leads to an arrest which could have been avoided if the citizen presented themselves in a calm and intelligent manner that informs the cops that they understand their rights, and they respectfully say , "No." The police know the law better than most citizens. You, on the other hand can learn how to present yourself to the cops and apply some basic principals to your advantage. You'll learn how to verbally protect yourself and those in your vehicle from unlawful searches. This book will teach you how to assert your rights and keep the cops out of your vehicle and out of your pockets. This book contains several "scripts" for you to review. You can practice by yourself, or with a friend, as you role play with these scripts. One of you will play the cop, and the other can play the citizen being pulled over and questioned. In a short span of time, you won't need the scripts, you'll be mixing and matching the lines and adjusting them to suit your style. Learn to play the cards the Constitution gave you. Protect yourself, assert your rights, and keep moving.

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