The Sunflower Forest

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Juli 2012



Bestselling author Torey Hayden¿s novel poignantly tells of a daughter¿s attempt to grow up in the shadow of her mother¿s haunted past. Warm, melancholy and evocatively rendered this book captures the essence of a family touched by sadness.
A haunting tale of a family who can't escape the consequences of their mother's tormented childhood. Hayden, a master storyteller, again turns her talent to fiction in this novel that combines a psychological thriller with a nuanced family drama.
Lesley¿s Hungarian mother Mara ¿ charming, childlike, lovable ¿ is traumatized by her adolescent Holocaust experiences.
Though her American husband and daughters try to live a normal life, Mara holds them thrall to her moods and quirks. Lesley struggles to understand, but dealing with Mara is a severe strain which sets her apart from her peers.
But when Mara¿s psychosis results in tragedy, Lesley goes to Wales in search of her mother¿s remembered joy.


Torey Hayden is an educational psychologist and a special education teacher who, since 1979, has chronicled her struggles in the classroom in a succession of bestselling books. She currently lives and writes in North Wales. Find her on MySpace at


''Torey Hayden deserves the kind of respect I can't give many people. She isn't just valuable, she's incredible. The world needs more like Torey Hayden.' Boston Globe
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