Why You Suck at Guitar: Learn the Top Ten Reasons Why You Don't Sound or Play Better (FMG Modern Music Series)

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November 2015



Here's a book intended to challenge you. Here's a book meant to inspire you. This book is a wake-up call to the global problems and roadblocks for you as a guitarist. This book is meant to be a reality check. Even if guitar playing is a hobby for you, your level of enjoyment and satisfaction will increase exponentially if you get better, start to like your playing and sound, and then continue to move forward. But if you aspire to be a part-time gigging and recording musician or full-time musician/guitarist, this book is filled with the ten reasons that are seriously holding you back. (It might even give you enough clues to help you teach guitar lessons for years to come!)

I want you to attack any or all of these problems that apply to you, and get your momentum back as a guitarist. I've always believed that the expression "momentum builds motivation" is the key to developing as a musician. Once you're truly excited about your playing, your creativity, and your growth, amazing things can happen with your music.

If you're here reading a book called "Why You Suck at Guitar" then it means that you're finally ready to deal with those issues that plague aspiring musicians everywhere. It means that you're brave. Brave enough to face the facts.

I wrote this to help you, and not to make you feel bad — or worse —  about your music. This is your wake-up call — a musician-to-musician intervention — with the goal of helping you get back on the right path. Music should be fun, and it's always fun to get better. I wrote this to help all guitarists because I know that if we don't like our sound, our abilities, or our playing, then music isn't fun at all. It's an annoying feeling.

By the way, if you're just looking for a book of guitar exercises, that's not what you'll find here. If you wanted to buy another book of riffs that some random musician-author thinks every guitarist in the world should know, that's fine -- but ma

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