CMOS Integrated Capacitive DC-DC Converters

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Juli 2012



This book provides a detailed analysis of all aspects of capacitive DC-DC converter design: topology selection, control loop design and noise mitigation. Readers will benefit from the authors' systematic overview that starts from the ground up, in-depth circuit analysis and a thorough review of recently proposed techniques and design methodologies.  Not only design techniques are discussed, but also implementation in CMOS is shown, by pinpointing the technological opportunities of CMOS and demonstrating the implementation based on four state-of-the-art prototypes. 


Converter Topologies and Fundamentals.
Modeling and Design of Capacitive DC-DC Converters.
Noise Reduction by Multi-phase Interleaving and Fragmentation.
Control of Fully Integrated Capacitive Converters.
Monolithic Integration of DC-DC Converters in CMOS.
DC-DC Converter Prototypes.


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