Pitching to Giraffes

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Januar 2015



John Light, desperate to escape his introverted ways and fully engage with the excitement, enlightenment, and essential splendor of the early 70's, is a man with a plan. Baseball and academics fail as fuel, but a dorm room challenge to his innate sense of ethics turns him toward the counterculture and friendship with a student activist with militant connections who offers him a solution, at a price. As his involvement deepens, so does his anger toward corruption and injustice, and he grapples with the complications of losing oneself in a just cause.

When our institutions fail to convincingly argue why a person should do the right thing, the task falls to the individual, where maybe it belongs, anyway. John and his team's search for answers is compelling but may come too late. As time runs out, can John discover within himself a second fastball, an absolute, organic morality that promises a struggling humanity the ability to move through life with joy, nobility, and evolutionary grace?

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