Chaos on the Cut

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November 2014



Following the success of his first book, L-Plate Boating, boater canal trader and storyteller Tom McManus invites you to join him for another hilarious journey on the inland waterways.
In this collection of tales of chaos and mayhem you will be introduced to some of his many friends, who have "donated" some of their own stories of disaster and misadventure. This is not to say that the author is not fully capable of filling several books with tales of his own "little mishaps" but, as the author himself put it, "it seems only fair to give others a chance to shine".
From the bizarre to the ridiculous, the unfortunate to the downright daft, it is all contained within these pages. So please join our intrepid travellers as they cause more Chaos On The Cut.


Tom McManus, universally known on the canal system as Mac, was born in Hillingdon, Middlesex, in 1950. In 1952 his parents moved to Harefield where he grew up and as a young boy wandered down to the nearby Grand Union canal, and so began a love affair with the inland waterways which has lasted to the present day. As a young teenager he would earn some extra "pocket money" by offering to work the locks for passing boats, for a price. He trained as a motor mechanic at Uxbridge Technical College and began a career in the motor industry, eventually becoming an M.O.T. tester. At the same time he continued to have a keen interest in the inland waterways and eventually he and his wife, Pam, bought their first narrow boat, Calico, and shortly afterwards moved off the bank and took up a permanent home on the water. After some years of combining working on cars with working on the canals, including crewing on the local trip boat, he took early retirement and he and Pam gave up their mooring at Cosgrove to travel the canal system on their present boat Mona Lisa developing the business they had started some years earlier. They can now be found at many canal festivals throughout the year selling gifts and souvenirs, including many items crafted by themselves.
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