Walking San Francisco

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November 2010



From the Gold Rush to the Summer of Love to the dotcom days, San Francisco has been a city of distinct neighborhoods. This savvy, entertaining guide explores the best of the city "on the ground" in tours that traverse its length and breadth. The 33 urban treks are a great way to soak up the history, culture, and vibe of the City by the Bay. The walk's commentary includes trivia about architecture, local culture, and neighborhood history, plus tips on where to dine, have a drink, or shop. Each tour includes a clear neighborhood map and vital public transportation and parking information. Route summaries make each walk easy to follow, and a Points of Interest section lists each walk's highlights. Walking San Francisco provides the perfect path for a weekend adventure, an after-work ramble, or a sociable pub crawl.


Tom Downs grew up in the suburbs south of San Francisco and always felt the pull of the big city. He has authored Lonely Planet guidebooks to New Orleans, the Mississippi Delta, the west of Ireland, Vietnam, and San Francisco. He lived in the Mission District and in Chinatown before migrating to Oakland with his wife and three kids. In 2007 he was awarded a gold medal from the Society of American Travel Writers for his guidebook Lonely Planet: New Orleans.

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