Leo & Leo Mystery Thriller 01. Man with Dog

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Januar 2013



Leon and Leonie are twins who live in a small town in Germany, but when they decide to set up a detective agency, they suddenly find themselves on a flight to London. They have been asked to find out who stole the Queen's favourite painting Man with Dog from the British Museum. With the aid of Crusoe the hamster and later Julius (alias Alfred) the dog, they find themselves in pursuit of a master criminal known as The Professor. Unknown helpers keep planting clues which lead them eventually to Buckingham Palace and a meeting with the Queen herself.
An exciting and amusing mystery which readers can help to solve for themselves by following the clues at the end of each chapter.


Tobias Bungter (born 1974 in
EAN: 9783897777248
Untertitel: A mystery thriller. Case No. 1. Empfohlen ab 12 Jahre. Sprache: Englisch.
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Erscheinungsdatum: Januar 2013
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